What can I do with doggso?

Spend your time doing what you do best. Work with your four (and two) legged students, instead of soul killing administrative tasks.

Save time

Take advantage of doggso's built in automation and spend no time in managing enrolments, cancelations, waiting lists, payments, refunds.

Do more

doggso helps you leverage the user feedback, improve the quality of your services, keep the cashflow under control, optimise your offering and increase your returns

Awe customers

Give your users the information level, freedom of action, the modern tools and level of service they come to expect in the Internet age

doggso is the most powerful tool available for managing pet services companies. Unlike other online booking services or online stores, which are better suited to hairdressers or online department stores, doggso can be tailored to address your business needs and respond quickly to business changes.
Implementing your business model and processes of pet service companies can be complex and we at doggso known this very well. That's why doggso is not just a technical solution, but a partner to advise you whenever you need it - at no extra cost, including initial migration of your business to the platform.
doggso is an “all-in-one solution” for dog schools, an online platform that takes over and automates the biggest part of the administrative tasks of your dog school
Self-updating website
Advanced booking system
Course management
Invoicing tool
Customer management
Trainers management
Enrollment management
File sharing tool
Feedback management
Vouchers and gift cards
Automated messaging
Forms tool
Payments management
Reporting tool
Online courses

experience doggso

And see how you can benefit from its rich set of features

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Try out as a regular user or as an admin a fully functional demo setup with users, courses, enrolments, payments, automated mails and everything else that doggso has to offer.

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We recommend a videocall where you can share your current challenges and where we can demonstrate better how doggso can help.

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Talk to us

We recommend a videocall where you can share your current challenges and where we can demonstrate better how doggso can help.

What does it cost?

doggso has a transparent pricing and you only pay for what you use.
Monthly fees comprise of a fixed part and a variable part, usage-based.
Read more about the detailed prices and price model
Use the calculator below to get an estimation for your school.

Courses per month10

Participants per course4

Space or service bookings per month10

Webshop product orders per month10

  • Free-of-charge school setup, you don't pay anything until you decide it's the right tool for you
  • Technical support via email and phone, same day response
  • You can cancel at anytime
  • Monthly fees are invoiced on the first day of the month from the previous month
  • Counted enrollments include only: valid enrollments to courses/events that started in the previous month and valid enrollments made in the previous month to “online” courses, (courses without a start/end date)
  • In the months with no activity whatsoever, the base fee drops to 9€/month

What is doggso really worth?

doggso was created from the very beginning to serve a real dog-training school business. All its functionality is designed to automate everyday operations of the school administrator which end up adding up to quite a lot of time. Together with a school administrator we estimated the time saved for some of the most common activities.

Automated activityTime saved
Receive contact form data and process person details5 min.
Communication on missing information, clarifications5 min.
Communicate to use the course, enrolment and payment details10 min.
Manage cancelations and wrong bookings10 min.
Take registration for waiting lists5 min.
Create and send invoices15 min.
Check payment status and send out payment reminders5 min.
Send course start reminders5 min.
Send updates and possible changes5 min.
Invite for feedback5 min.
Consolidate feedback for course5 min.
Verify payments10 min.
Redo tasks because of human errors10 min.
Time saved in average per course per actual participant95 min.