May 2020 Release Update


  • When making a booking, especially for a service, the booking calendar gets automatically shifted to the first available time slot, making it easier for the user to make a booking.
  • Additionally, in case no free times are available for the selected resource or service, the user gets notified and doesn't need to find out by themselves by browsing two months of blocked calendar
  • When creating or editing resources you can directly associate it to a staff member


  • The menu entry previously called "Trainers" (Kouluttajat), available in the main navigation menu under "About us"(Meistä) has been renamed to "Our team"(Tiimimme) - recognizing that some of the personnel are not trainers but still need an intro page.
  • "Our team" page listes now by default all the users who have a "staff role" and are marked as admin, trainer, staff member, manager in their profile. As before you can choose whether not to list someone on the team page, from the "edit bio" of that user account.
  • "Job title" introduced in the staff profiles. Via "Edit bio" page you can now edit the job titles of the staff members. They will appear both on the “our team” page and in the individual bio pages under the name
  • As a reminder the text in the “Our team” page above the profile overviews is editable. Just create a page and label it “our_team” and the page will be displayed instead of the default text.


  • There is new functionality allowing you to extend the "About us" (Meistä) menu entry and even introduce other top navigation menu entries.
  • Any page labelled 'about' will be listed under "About us"(Meistä) nav entry. For example, currently you have a company description page; You can add a menu entry for a "Cooperations"(Yhteystyössä) page, by creating such a page and labelling it "about". The ranking number of the page will be used for the order in the menu and the page "subject" will be used for the menu entry text
  • All the pages labelled "nav_item" will be considered top navigation entries. their subpages will become the sub-menu entries.
  • If a page tagged "list_free" exists, a menu entry will be displayed in the "Learning" section


  • Under "Administration"(Yläpito) menu entry, you can find now as a last option "Help"(Apua). It will bring you to an ever growing set of pages with instructions and "How to"s


  • Course list builder: new functionality is now available for building a course list and expanding it in a page. When courses are tagged with a keyword, then an expander/ list builder can be used to list all upcoming courses tagged with that keyword.
  • For example, upcoming courses tagged with "yksityis" can be listed in a category description with the expander % % list_with_tag yksityis % %
  • New variables available for use with school parameters
  • Expander for % % list_free introduced, listing all upcoming courses with available spaces
  • Expander for services now available. % % list_services_for xx % % will generate a list of the services in the service group xx
  • Expander for % % book_service introduced. It create a button taking the user to the service booking page


  • improved mailing capabilities: Via "Administration", "Mailing list" it is now easier to select subsets of users and to send email directly from doggso.


  • improved capabilities for discount codes. They can now be selected limited also per course category and/or per user.
  • User can see their codes in the user profile page
  • When booking a course for which an user has a valid discount code, the user gets prompted to use the available discount code


  • the pages and other texts allow now more flexibility and html content then before.
  • It is recommended that you do not copy/paste large texts from Microsoft Word as the html tag overhead can exceed the capabilities of the system


  • The admin can now configure whether to grant trainers "extend rights" which includes seeing all the information of the enrolled users to their own courses and the possibility to message them directly from the course page
  • User gets notified when a browsing session is timing out, and thus preventing the user to lose data or have to redo an operation if they were working on a "time outed" page
  • simplified resource selection in calendar view, allowing any combination
  • improved service selection on mobile phone
  • changed service selection to accommodate multiple services being selected at the same time  


  • Course creation and editing was improved with the possibility of actual course date selection.


  • Trainers can get their calendar synchronized with their own doggso calendar bookings. A link is available in the "My profile" (Omat tiedot) page that can be for example imported to Google calendar.


  • All reports grouped in one page, reporting overall overhauled
  • Improved accounting report to show method of payment
  • Improved financial overview and cash flow reports, added week and per trainer granularity


  • Tens of bug fixes overall. 

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