January 2020 Release Update


  • Top navigation menu can now be customized
  • If you label a page as "nav_item" then that page will become a top navigation item and its subpages will become the submenu entries; the title of the pages will be used as name for the navigation. I grouped the four pages you created under a new (empty) page called Info. 
  • If you want to change the title you see in the menu, you change the name of the "Info" page. Same applies for the other subpages. If you don't want something to appear in the menu you remove it from under top navigation page, if you want extra menu entries, you add them under the top navigation page. You can have multiple top navigation items introduced, not only "Info".

Service bookings

  • Clicking the "secondary" bookings will display the main booking
  • To avoid confusion, even if you click on a booking of a training area that is associated with a service booking, you will see the service booking instead - this way you'll be able to get faster to the relevant information and actions.


  • Trainers can get their calendar synchronized with their own doggso calendar bookings. A link is available in the "My profile" (Omat tiedot) page that can be for example imported to Google calendar.

Faster marking of payments

  • Enrollments can be marked as paid directly from the "course view" via a simple button click


  • Course dates can be fully specified. You can now define and display the actual dates of the course. 
  • The system will assist you define the course dates much more flexible than before, including the associated resource allocations.
  • The system was enhanced to have a list of all courses with available places. By default it is now enabled. if you want to disable it, go to "Tekstit" -> Kurssit joilla on vapaita paikkoja and deleted the "Label" field. the page will then not be shown in the main menu anymore


  • Trainers can now be associated with a resource and booked just like a resource at course creation/update.


  • Resource cross-type selection. The system allows admin to select resources from different groups/types in the admin booking calendar, particularly useful when you want to see if both a training area and a trainer is available.


  • Improved handling of services. Services list can be automatically created as a web page via the meta instruction "% % list_services_for xx % %". The code for a "book now" button was also introduced allowing you to place the button anywhere on a page ( % %book_service)

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