Discussion group per course

Feature ID 00901 

An idea for a new feature would be the possibility to add a "chat/discussion group" for a course. 
Feature characteristics:
  • At course creation, the admin would select whether a course should or not have a "group chat".
  • The group chat would be open to anyone enrolled in the course, starting from a defined amount of days before the course starts (for example one day before the course start)
  • The technical implementation alternatives are described below

(A) Online, on the school webpage

Via the enrollment page, the user would get to the course-specific discussion group where the "chatting" would be comments style. The user can type questions and get answers and everyone else would see the conversations. Enroleld people can opt in to to get "daily digests" of the discussions as email.

(B) Via the MOBILE phone

doggso would automatically set-up a group in Telegram messaging app (Whatsapp does not allow this), for example one day before the course starts. doggso would make the course trainer the admin and send a welcome message in the chat. After the course, the system could "close" the group - so that no new messages are allowed. i will also check whether all messages can also be available at the same time in the course "webpage" so that they can be read online too.